One of my gaming conventions (I won’t say peculiarities) is to give the same name to the same class from one game to the next. Maybe it helps me remember what they are. Maybe I’m just uncreative. But it’s been going on for so long now, I just can’t stop.

Is it a Ranger? Then his name is Travis (Rangers are always male, for some reason). Why? Where did the name come from? I have no idea. It just seems to fit.

Is there a Cleric in the house? In that case, he’s Maurice (yes, really). Unless I go with a female; in that case, her name is Maureen.

Mages? Mordred if male, Morgana if female. Paladins are always Arthur (yes, a definite Arthurian influence in these cases).

Rogues can’t be anything but Fingers, whether male or female. While they usually don’t bother with picking pockets, they’re good with traps. So the name fits.

Fighters are almost always male, and that’s Mokor (you may recall him from The Mokor Letters, but that wasn’t his first adventure by any means).

Of course, if I’m replaying a game, I don’t re-use the names. But certainly for the first time out, those are the ones. What about you? Do you do this, too? Have set names for certain classes? Or do you just pick something different each time?