Over on his blog, The Monk’s Brew, Rubes has a report from the AGDC (which, if I recall rightly, is the Austin Game Developers Conference). This one is about a couple of presentations of different interface systems.

Emotiv, the “think and it happens” company, I’ve mentioned before (and I’m too lazy to look up the link ;). The other is new, and goes in the opposite direction: instead of thinking, you act out the motions.

The presentation by Charles Bellfield of 3DV Systems featured a camera device. Yes, pointed at the player, naturally. It captures your movements and somehow translates that into the program.

In one demo, a person was able to “fly” in a flight sim by just moving his hands the right way. I hope he was sitting down. The other demo was of kick boxing, which was somewhat more athletic.

Of course, the prime feature here is that there are no wires, no controller, no “remote” (or Wii-mote) involved. You could almost think of it as the “air guitar” of gaming. But I wonder how well it will really work with various genres.

Suppose you’re doing a shooter. How long could you keep your arms and hands up, before you became tired? What if you had to stand while doing this, so the camera could catch all your body motions? A few minutes is one thing; a couple of hours or more is quite another.

I certainly wouldn’t want to play any games that way. The Emotiv system – just sit and think – is more my style. But overall, I still prefer the mouse & keyboard combo. But then, I’m just naturally retro ;).

AGDC report on The Monk’s Brew