Over at rockpapershotgun, they have some demands. Demands on ten things every PC game should have. Some don’t concern me, some I agree with, and some others…

Some others, actually two, I can’t agree with. Their point #2 is to use standardized install and savegame folders. Fine. But then they want it all to go into “Program Files”. Nonono.

I hate having things buried in “Program Files” or any other place. I much prefer installing a game (or any other app) to the root C:\ directory. Then I know exactly where it is; no hunting around necessary.

Even then, a number of games hide stuff, usually the save game files, in obscure places. Avernum 5 does this. Instead of putting them in the AV5 directory, the saves are stashed away in Documents & Settings/[name]/My Documents/Avernum 5 Saved Games. Bleah!

So put everything in the same place; the same place the game is installed. That would be my demand. And let’s have no funny business about defaulting to “Program Files”.

Then we have point #6, which is “Don’t require the CD/DVD in the drive to play”. I have absolutely no problem with keeping the disk in the drive. Of course, I covered that awhile back in Some Words About DRM. There I pointed out the key disk requires no online activation, phoning home, or limited installs.

I also said pretty much everything I wanted to on DRM in that earlier post, so I won’t go on about this one. Except to say, this is one demand I hope is never met, even though we are, alas, heading in that direction.

On the other hand, I think RPS has some good ideas with their other demands, especially #10, which is that a patch shouldn’t break the game. You know, like deleting Windows files, or invalidating all your current saves. Give a look, and see what you think.

RPS Demands Ten Things All PC Games Should have