There’s nothing like a long, hard gaming session to make you feel hungry (especially if you’ve been missing meals). But who wants to stop playing just for mere food? Fear not, starving gamers; Biosilo Foods has just what you need: Gamer Grub!

Yes, Gamer Grub, that came to Earth with powers and abilities…err, that comes with odd names in “ergonomically-designed” cans. Who could resist chowing down on Strategy Chocolate or Action Pizza? Or maybe Racing Wasabi (with honey mustard) is more your fancy?

Even that most hallowed treat, the peanut butter & jelly sandwich, has been co-opted into the lineup as “Sports PB&J”. Why risk messing up your hands and/or keyboard with the real thing, when you can open a can and munch on a combination of: Peanuts, Peanut Butter Chips, Strawberry Jelly Chips, Bread Cubes. Yumm!

You may wonder: is this a joke? Nope. It’s for real. Very much so, as Gamer Grub is now “the official snack supplier of the World Cyber Games (WCG) USA 2008”. Presumably no other company offered as much money as Biosilo.

And let’s not forget these are all “healthy snacks”. The website even has a “science” page that says so (with citations!). At least they’re not stuffing the contents with caffeine, like certain “energy drinks”.

Yes gamers, now you can sit at your computers for hours, stuffing your face with snacks and morphing into the pale, overweight stereotype of the “hardcore gamer”. Ain’t it grand? ;)

Gamer Grub website