Yesterday, Bethesda announced that Fallout 3 had gone gold. Today, Videogamer is reporting that the Xbox 360 version has been leaked and is now on the torrents.

Yes, it’s both terrible and depressing. How could a game be out there so soon after going gold, unless someone at, or connected with, Bethesda put it up? And this is the Xbox version, too.

It’s bad enough when a game is pirated on release. This is much worse, because it isn’t out yet. What will this do to Xbox sales? How many will download it between now and the official release? How could someone from a game company leak an important product to all the freeloaders?

Okay, that last sentence was a presumption. I could be wrong about that. But obviously someone put that code out there, and had to have had access to it. Someone at the duplicators, maybe?

This is early news; no response yet from Bethesda on the matter. I’ll be keeping an eye on the news sites for more information.

Xbox Fallout 3 already pirated