As you may know, today was the first day of Blizzcon ’08. And as expected, Blizzard introduced the third class: the Wizard.

There seems to be a lot of excitement about this one. No surprise, as the Wizard is the heavy-duty spellcaster. With a combination of new and old spells, this one puts the old Sorceress class to shame.

New for D3 is a rune system, where special runes can be “slotted” to enhance various spells. Unlike putting runes in items, these can be added or removed at will. This class looks to be a little over the top, but of course it’s early and many changes could happen between now and release (whenever that is).

For those interested, I’ve selected several links to information on the Wizard. Shacknews has both a hands-on impression and a list of the Wizard skill tree. Joystiq also played the demo (video available), and has a report on the Diablo 3 class panel.

Striking a slightly ominous note, Jay Wilson mentioned that the new Battlenet will have some sort of subscription feature. Apparently the details haven’t been worked out yet. He also remarked that there won’t be any “outside modding” allowed for Diablo 3. Blizzard wants to keep this one very tightly in their own hands.

Wizard hands-on at Shacknews

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Wizard hands-on at Joystiq

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