You know who. The Eternal Foozle I wrote (ranted) about waaay back in Ancient Evil. Yeah, him.

Why bring this up again? Well, there’s a new SF game just coming out called Dead Space. And here’s part of the description: “Isaac discovers that the crew has unearthed an ancient and malevolent alien presence far beneath the planet’s surface and brought it onboard”.

It isn’t enough that we’re always pitted against AE in fantasy games. Now, we have to face it in science fiction, too. As though there couldn’t be any other strange or alien menace, except an “ancient and malevolent” one.

With all the myriad possibilities offered by SF, they had to drag in the most hackneyed villain of all. In the usual hackneyed manner, too. Note that AE was “far beneath the planet’s surface”. Just where it usually is in any fantasy game (until someone uncovers it, of course. “Balrogs, Mr. Rico!”).

Is it too much to ask for something fresh and creative in a science-fiction based game? Even if it’s more in the “survival horror” camp (which is what it seems like overall), a new approach would be welcome.

Of course, I’m not going to play Dead Space, now or later. For one thing, it’s too realistically messy for my taste. Especially as the designers studied pictures of car crash victims so the in-game bodies would “look right”.

But I was just ticked off by the premise, which is no different from almost any RPG out there, and had to say something. The rut is deeper than I thought. [……] What was that? Well, you know how it is: in space, no one can hear you scream ;)