A lot of people play MMOGs. Many of them have more than one account. Maybe two or three. And then, there’s “Prepared”.

Prepared (his full name is not known), incredibly, claims 36 WoW accounts. That’s right, he pays for 36 separate accounts. Which he somehow can play simultaneously on eleven computers.

I don’t know how that’s possible. That’s just over 3 accounts/characters per machine. Can you log on to WoW and run multiple accounts from one login? Not just multiple characters, since he has all those accounts.

And I’m not even going to think about how he could keep track of all those avatars at one time. Unless he’s somehow managed to clone himself, that seems impossible, too.

Then again, I don’t play WoW. Perhaps some of you who do can suggest a way he’s able to pull this off? Oh, and by the way, he’s planning to buy 36 copies of Lich King when it comes out. The mind boggles!

Gamer Juggles Over 30 WoW characters at Yahoo

P.S. You don’t suppose that’s really Bill Gates? He’d have the time and money to do this, plus he could get it set up, too. Hmmmm ;)