So the word is official, and no one is surprised by today’s announcement that Bioware’s upcoming MMOG is Star Wars: The Old Republic.

This being a Bioware project, story is important. According to what I’ve read so far, the content is massive. They have twelve full-time writers working on this.

And no wonder, as lead writer Daniel Erickson has said that there is a separate story path through the game for each class. That’s right, a different experience, with no repeats.

Keep in mind that you can play good or evil in this one. I don’t know how they’re going to manage to pull it off. The work involved has to be enormous; I wonder if twelve writers are enough.

Yes, there will be both a Jedi class and a Sith class, along with others that haven’t yet been named. How many there will be hasn’t been announced, either.

Along with all that, you can have companions (one at a time). These are NPCs, of course. In fact, there will be a “pool” of companions from which to choose.

Now the thing is, this all sounds more like a massive single-player game rather than a multi-player game. Think about it: if each class has a separate path, how are people going to play together? This isn’t like getting up a WoW raiding party.

Yeah, it sounds good, but will it really be multiplayer? Only time will tell as more details are released. In the meantime, here are some links for your reading pleasure:

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