First it was religion (noted in The LBP Mess). Sony recalled Little Big Planet over material allegedly offensive to some Moslems. Now, Microsoft has announced Fallout 3 (Xbox version) won’t be sold in India.

Why not? Well, all the press release states is that because of “cultural sensitivities”, MS won’t be selling the game over there. Specific details weren’t mentioned.

This is all rather odd. It’s rather late in the day for such an announcement; surely Microsoft must have known about this “insensitive” content long ago.

Of course, that doesn’t mean too much. After all, the FO3 version was leaked awhile back and is already out there for the taking. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of Indian gamers did some taking, if only to hunt for content offensive to “cultural sensitivities”.

Given the diversity of Indian culture, it’s hard to say what might be considered “offensive”. Perhaps one or more of the upcoming reviews (the avalanche should start any time now) will mention something. Or maybe whatever it is would be invisible to non-Indian gamers, and they’ll never notice.

This is somewhat more serious, perhaps, than the earlier controversy over the use of real-world drug names in Fallout 3. That was easily settled by changing a few titles. But whatever this “culture” stuff is, it’s considered bad enough to keep the game from releasing in India.

Maybe we should just forget about fancy games and go back to Little Brick Out. That one was safe. These days, it seems, few games aren’t.

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