Every MMOG comes along with high hopes for success. And then you get one that expects to dethrone the leader. The #1 game. You know, WoW. Not just hopes, mind you, but expects.

That game is Star Wars: The Old Republic. Newly announced, no release date or even a hint of one, and the folks at EA & LucasArts are brashly saying they have a winner, thanks to Bioware’s storytelling and the power of the Star Wars brand.

Of course, another company had the same expectation of Galaxies. It’s still around, wallowing in the backwaters of the MMOG ocean. The “power of the brand” didn’t help much there.

It’s one thing to sell bunches of games at retail to SW fans. It’s quite another to offer a MMOG. Bioware is expecting that great content – storytelling – will bring in the players and keep them there.

No doubt, there will be plenty of hype to come along in future months. But few, if any, MMOGs have lived up to that on release. And release is the important time. Age Of Conan is having its problems, and Hellgate: London is closing down on Feb. 1st, 2009.

Yeah, Great Expectations. We know what happened in that one, right? (For those of you who read the book) In checking comments around the net, some are anticipating this one, based mainly on Bioware’s rep. Many others are dubious that even they can pull off a successful SW MMOG.

Check out the piece on videogaming247.com and see what you think.

WoW is The Target on videogaming247