Over at Gamasutra, they’ve posted the results of a survey of 562 gamers made by NPD Group. It turns out that 11% percent of all households have bought games that are still shrinkwrapped.

Last year, in Unfinished Business, we talked about starting games and never completing them, even when we liked them. This is different, though. These are games that aren’t even opened.

Why not? Is this the “gotta buy hot game” syndrome, where people just buy the product, then put it aside because there’s another one on the racks? Is it lack of time, the “I’ll buy it now and get around to it someday” outlook?

Maybe the game isn’t as appealing as it first seemed from the hype; reviews and/or player comments that the game is “trash” could put some people off. Personally, though, I consider it a combination of the first two above.

Because earlier this year, we discussed the problem of Too Many Games. So many are released, that keeping up with them becomes difficult, if not impossible. Especially if you have an interest in multiple genres.

Do you buy Spore or LittleBigPLanet? Fable II or Fallout 3? If you get them all, which one do you start first? And by the time you’re done with that first game, how many more new ones have come along?

It’s easy to see why games end up in a pile of “someday products”, where that “someday” may never arrive. Too many games, not enough time. As for that 11%, it seems low to me; I suspect the percentage may even be higher. What do you think?

11 Percent Of Gamers Own Unopened Games on Gamasutra