Fallout 3 is here. And so is (in)SecuRom. That’s right, Bethesda is using that for copy protection. As you might expect, the messages are coming in about problems installing the game.

The reports are, no surprise, contradictory, with some saying they had no problems (with Roxio, Nero, etc. installed), while others can’t get the game on their hard drives.

Given the multiplicity of configs these days, what works for some doesn’t work for others. However, there is a problem, as SecuRom has a patch up for FO3 (and Far Cry 2, for that matter). Fast work, if nothing else.

Also, there is a post on the Bethesda forums with instructions on what to do if you have Daemon Tools installed.

You’d think Bethesda would know better than this. Especially as the game is on the torrents already, according to one post I read. Sigh.

Daemon Tools workaround on Bethesda forums

SecuRom patch for FO3 (and Far Cry 2)