So it’s Halloween again, and this year, several games featured “attack of the zombies”, in particular, WoW (which didn’t please everyone, either). What’s so special about zombies?

Of course, Resident Evil started the whole business, especially “zombies in survival horror games”. Part of that is the usual “follow the leader” cycle familiar in any entertainment industry.

Yet there’s more to it than that; zombies seem to be the most popular thing to kill these days. What’s the big attraction in smashing up, riddling with bullets, or rending limb from limb the walking dead?

Okay, it’s an opportunity for some gory scenes. What else? Some primal urge towards life conquering unlife? Killing (if we can call it that) the undead somehow kills our own fear of death?

And can such games really be scary anymore, given how often zombies show up as the opposition? By now, I’d almost think they’ve become a joke. Sure, they may be creepy the first couple of times you run into them, but after all, they’re just zombies. In time, they aren’t so frightening any longer. After all, you’ve destroyed them countless times in other games.

Yeah, what’s so special about zombies?