That’s real-world moms, not Master of Magic. It seems that even Blizzard has become infected with the desire to grab a piece of the “casual” market.

Over at 1up, Blizzard producer Chris Sigaty talks about wanting Starcraft 2 to be accessible to the non-hardcore gamer. People like his mother and his wife. People who don’t usually play real-time strategy games.

I suspect a number of SC fans are going to feel horrified by that. Can Blizzard really make a real-time strategy game that appeals to both the hardcore and the “casual” players? Are there even enough of those “casual” players who’d be interested in “easy RTS”, to make the effort worthwhile?

I don’t play strategy games of any kind, as many of you know. But we’ve seen in the past that when a game tries to appeal to more than one audience, it usually satisfies none of them.

Which is why I’m dubious about splitting the focus between “hardcore” and “casual”. And speaking of splitting, is this, perhaps, the real reason for breaking SC2 into three games? So that each will have “content for hardcore” and “content for casual”?

For that matter, is this really Blizzard’s idea, or something that has come down from Activision? Given the fanbases for Diablo, WoW, and Starcraft, does it really make sense to go for a market that may not have much interest?

Between this and what’s come out about Diablo 3, all I can say is that strange things seem to be happening at Blizzard these days. Check out the article and see what you think.

Blizzard Wants StarCraft 2 to be Mom Friendly at 1up