We know: they make games from movies, which are typically awful. They make movies from games, which are typically awful. Now, they’re gonna make a movie from a game that hasn’t been announced yet.

Ya gotta love it. There was a hot, 4-way bidding war for this property. Yep, four studios (previously five, but Warners dropped out) really wanted to do the movie, and Universal won out.

Now, it wouldn’t be unusual for a studio to want a hot game property for movie (mis)treatment. But we’re talking here about a game that hasn’t been officially announced. So what is it?

Dante’s Inferno. No, not that Inferno. This one is coming from Electronic Arts. You know, messing around in Hell (some would say messing around with an EA game is Hell, but I digress).

Supposedly, the idea is that the game and movie can come out close to each other, while the game is fresh in everyone’s minds. Given how quickly gamers move on to the next product, that might not be a bad idea.

Of course, we don’t know very much (actually, nothing) about DI yet. You can be sure, though, that the hype will start soon, and build to the usual hysterical crescendo near release. The only question is, which will be worse: a rushed game or a rushed movie?

Universal hot for ‘Inferno’ at variety