Game Politics reports that two new lawsuits have been filed against Electronic Arts over the inclusion of SecuROM in their games. This brings the total of lawsuits so far up to three.

The first of the new ones was filed by Richard Eldridge, who was outraged to find that Spore Creature Creator Free Trial Edition secretly installed SecuROM on his PC. Yeah, I’d be outraged, too. Some “free trial”.

The second suit was filed by Dianna Cortez. She installed The Sims 2: Bon Voyage, which turned out to be a prophetic title. After the game (and the odious SecuROM) were on her computer, it no longer operated properly. She had to reformat and re-install Windows. Bon Voyage, indeed.

I’m glad to see that gamers are finally fighting back against ridiculous copy protection methods that don’t work, and only hurt the legitimate customers. Maybe, just maybe, this will finally penetrate the corporate mindset. Because this time, money is involved. That usually gets their attention.

EA Lawsuits at Game Politics