Okay, not exactly Mexico (I just wanted your attention ;). What they hit was the San Juan de Dios Market in Guadalajara, a hotbed of pirated games.

Confiscated in the massive raid were over 91,000 illegal copies, along with some other game-related stuff, such as empty boxes and inserts. The press release didn’t say whether the games were console or PC or both. At a guess, I’d say they were likely for consoles.

So the ESA gets some good press, they now have tons of junk to dispose of, and people will have to go elsewhere for awhile to get cheap copies of games. While the ESA may feel some satisfaction, I have my doubts on the long-term effect of the raid.

I expect that it will be quiet for awhile in the Market, after which “business as usual” will start up all over again. Piracy is just too lucrative to give it up.

Aside from that, the press release says nothing about any fines or arrests, it only mentions the goods confiscated. Now if some fines and/or jail sentences were handed out, that might make a difference. Maybe.

We hear about this in the US from time to time, too. The FBI or similar hits somebody who has plenty of illegal games on disk. That person usually goes to jail. But it hasn’t stopped piracy in the least. Especially as most of it in richer countries happens over the ‘net.

So yeah, the ESA can bask in glory, the glory of stopping one drop in a very big bucket.

ESA Mexican Raid press release on webwire