It seems the controversy over Fallout 3 just isn’t going to end. In the most recent incident, Bethesda is changing a few things in the Japanese version.

The big one is removing the “nuke Megaton” quest. Yeah, Japanese gamers won’t have the option of blowing up the town. Why not? This game takes place in a world wrecked by a nuclear holocaust. Perhaps that was not obvious to some people?

For that matter, consider the first two games. In FO1, you nuke the mutants’ military base. Then you go do the same to master mutant’s HQ (one way or another). In FO2, you nuke the bad guys HQ. No one seemed to worry about any of those.

For another matter, Megaton is in what used to be the U.S. It’s not like anyone was asked to destroy a Japanese city. So what’s the problem here?

Another change, although not exactly specified, is likely to the weapon called “Fat Man”. That was also the code name for the nuke dropped on one of the Japanese cities (I think Nagasaki) in WWII. All reports I’ve seen so far just say that a “weapon name is being changed”.

Other changes include a reduction in the messy deaths, and, for whatever reason, some monster names are being changed. Which ones and why are unknown at the moment (unless you can read Japanese; there is a post in that language on Bethesda’s Japanese site. I don’t recommend Google’s translator).

So some people might be offended by the censored content. Tough. The only ones who have a right to be offended are the gamers, and they can vote with their money. Don’t like it, don’t buy it. And make sure the company knows why.

In the meantime, Japanese gamers who want to set off a few nukes should check out the first two Fallout games.