The ESRB announced that they will now be including “summaries” of rated games to further help parents decide on what games to buy for their kids. At the moment, only games released since July have been given recaps.

These summaries, however, are only on their website, not on the box. Just as well, since some of them can be rather long. I’ve been trying for awhile to reach the ESRB site, but they’re having problems. Possibly a lot of people are trying to get in and read the new stuff.

And likely, the hits are coming from gamers looking for a laugh, going by some comments I’ve seen around the net already. Then again, those summaries aren’t aimed at the gamers.

So is this a good thing? Maybe, if adults wanting to buy games for kids visit the site for the information. Otherwise, they’ll just use the rating on the box to decide, provided they bother to do that much.

And you know, it’s more than just parents. There’s Uncle Al and Aunt Minnie and Granny and other relatives who might buy a game for little Johnny and never think about that letter on the box.

Also, Gamespot points out that some of those summaries contain spoilers. So those who may want to use the info to decide on a game for themselves (not many, I would bet) might be unpleasantly surprised.

For all that, the new addition is getting positive remarks from organizations and politicians. So whether or not the information is used by anyone, it may at least take some of the heat off, for now.

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(The above link included in case you can’t reach the ESRB site)