We all know there’s been talk in the industry about combatting used game sales. Now, Nintendo has gone a step farther: they’re trying to cut down used hardware sales.

Nintendo is about to launch an open chat with Wii Speak, called the “Wii Speak Channel”. The only way to get on that channel is buy the Wii Speak microphone. New.

Because the new mikes each come with a special 16-character code. Usable only by the initial buyer. Sell or give the microphone to someone else, and that person is out of luck, at least so far as the “Wii Speak Channel” is concerned.

According to Steve Totilo’s post on MTV blog, he’s confirmed with Nintendo that the only way to get that code is with a new mike. There is no way to buy a new code if you have a “pre-owned” microphone.

Why Nintendo has done this, I don’t know. Are they afraid they’d lose revenue on sales of used goods? How silly, when they could easily charge the new owner a fee for a new code.

It seems to me that companies are becoming more heavy-handed, arrogant, and greedy every day. Bad enough when they’re trying to stop used game sales; it’s worse when that slops over onto hardware sales. I wonder if we have another class-action suit in the making here?

Wii Speak Channel Only For New Buyers on MTV blog