It’s a crazy world, and it becomes even crazier when real and virtual merge. Consider the saga of Amy and David, a British couple.

Amy Taylor, 28, and David Pollard, 40, met online in a chat room. Then they met in person and decided to stay together. Both were also playing in Second Life, and partnered up there.

That’s where the trouble started, when Amy discovered David getting it on with a virtual prostitute in SL (obviously, this is an AO game ;). She and David broke up online, but stayed together in the real world.

Next she tested David by hiring someone to seduce him, but he passed the test. So Amy and David got back together online, and eventually married in a big Second Life ceremony. They also married in real life in 2005.

So far, so good. However, then Amy found David “chatting affectionately to a woman” (a real woman) and decided that was enough. She’s filed for divorce in the real world.

You know, I think there are some people who oughtn’t play these games.

Second Life Divorce on The Guardian UK