That’s death in games, in case you were wondering. RPGwatch is running a poll on “preferred method of handling death”. Of course, we prefer not to die in the first place ;).

However, that unpleasant state usually happens sooner or later. And so far – though not many votes are in yet – the traditional “hit reload” method is the most popular. I voted for it myself ;)

A very (very) distant second is “Everyone’s a medic”, where nobody dies unless the whole party goes down. Naturally, that one won’t work so well if you’re playing in a solo game.

So far, no one cares for the “Japanese Miracle”, where you’re restored to the previous checkpoint, the only place to save. After all, who knows how far apart those checkpoints are? It wasn’t the greatest system in Titan Quest, although not completely odious.

We’ve talked about death in CRPGs before. Now is the time to make your voice heard! Pay RPGwatch a visit and vote in the poll. And feel free to post your thoughts here, too ;)

Death Poll at RPGwatch