On the heels of NCsoft’s Tabula Rasa closing in February ’09, comes some disturbing news from Funcom. Disturbing to anyone playing Age Of Conan, since that’s Funcom’s game.

Tentonhammer originally reported a rumor that 70% of the U.S. Funcom staff had been let go, mostly in quality assurance and customer service. Today, they’ve posted a brief response from Funcom, which admitted that some staff had been dropped, although actual numbers/departments weren’t mentioned.

Further, Gamasutra’s post has Funcom noting that “the average subscription period has been lower than expected, leading to a reduction in subscriber levels.”

In other words, it looks like AoC is losing subscribers. Between that and the staff cuts, the future of Age of Conan doesn’t appear too bright at the moment. And does this mean a big shakeout in the MMOG world is at hand?

Funcom Staff Reduction Confirmed on Gamasutra