Buggy releases are, unfortunately, nothing new. But it isn’t every day that a game company comes out and apologizes for launching a messy product.

JoWood has issued a formal apology for the state of Gothic 3: Forgotten Gods. Given that two patches are out already, and the game is still in bad shape, it must be in really bad shape.

What I find amazing in their statement is the remark that the game was released this year because “we and the community wanted it.”

Really? JoWood wanted to release a game they knew was unfinished? They believed the gamers wanted a game that was riddled with defects? And that after what happened with the earlier Gothic?

Or was it just that JoWood thought they could slip this in and pick up some bucks from the usual Christmas rush? When a game has a fan base, it can usually be counted on to sell before the bad news gets around.

In the meantime, if you were considering Forgotten Gods, you may do well to forget it for the foreseeable future. The way things are, it’s likely the game will need more than a third patch.

JoWood Apologizes For Forgotten Gods