Foozle is dead. His (her, their, its) foul lair has crumbled into itty-bitty pieces of rock. The crowd cheers. The world is saved. Now what?

Usually, nothing. The game is over. It’s all sunshine and happiness, despite the mess Foozle left behind him. It somehow gets “swept under the carpet”. Even if the game continues, most people walking around don’t have anything to say about Foozle’s downfall.

Then again, have you noticed that the towns and cities don’t seem to be especially affected by all those monsters running around outside the walls? Once in awhile, you have the “town under siege”, which you manage to break all by yourself (Diablo 2, Act V, for instance).

Otherwise, if you never step outside town, you’d never know that “something evil is afoot” out there. Few people appear to be worried by a wilderness overrun with all manner of hostile creatures.

Everything goes on as before; even trade is not affected. Merchants always have stuff for sale, usually new stock with each visit. How did that stuff get through the ravening hordes?

So maybe it isn’t so strange after all that world is much the same as before. Most of Foozle’s dirty work seems to have happened in some other dimension. Or at least, outside of town, which in most games, comes to the same thing. Yeah, there really isn’t a lot of cleaning up to do once “the Big Bad Dude” is taken down. Fantasy, ya gotta love it!