So, you have no problem with online activation, right? You can live with it. Just a quick check and you’re good to go. Not always.

I suppose Rockstar, and Microshaft, I mean Microsoft, really, REALLY wanted to keep pirates from stealing the game. So they came up with one of the most involved installation methods around.

GTA IV isn’t my kind of game. But if it were, I wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot halberd (maybe I’d touch, and none too gently, the people who came up with this protection method).

Aside from the onerous protection scheme, the game is fraught with bugs of various descriptions. Of course, Rockstar is saying that “only a small number” are experiencing problems. Problems like crash to desktop, missing textures, and other “undocumented features”.

So my advice is, if you were thinking of getting this game, for yourself or as a gift, get a console version. Hey Pascal, when will publishers be “compelled to release impeccable products”? I think most would even settle for near-impeccable these days.

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