Ever come across a game you just couldn’t stop playing? One that was really addictive? Over at gamedaily, they have a list of the “Top 25 Addictive Games Of All Time”.

Of course, “of all time” is a bit grandiose, as games are always coming on the market. But one can always revise the list, right? That’s one of the great things about web pages, they’re so editable.

Anyway, the guys over there put together 25 titles they believe are so compelling, you’ll play them over and over. A number of them are console titles, but the PC isn’t overlooked. For that matter, neither is the casual scene.

Solitaire, in its many variations, is naturally on the list. I do play it myself (the one from www.goodsol.com, which is the best), but I don’t feel compelled to play it. But maybe that’s just me.

Also in the “top 25” are Pac-man, Bejeweled, Doom, Oblivion, and Fallout 3. Possibly no surprise, the #1 spot is claimed by the addictive game, World Of Warcraft.

I played Oblivion a few times, but let’s face it, the content becomes repetitious after awhile. I did give Doom a good workout, but as the game never changed, boredom eventually set in. I haven’t gone back to that one in a long time.

What about you? Is there, or was there, a game that you just had to play, one that you kept coming back to? (Those of you who never finish a game need not reply ;) Maybe you’re still playing it? Or wish you were, because it’s not available for your system anymore? Ponder that while you check out the list.

Top 25 Addictive Games Of All Time