Yep, Blizzard has opened up “paid character customization”. For a mere $15, lucky WoW player, you can now do a complete cosmetic redesign of your character.

According to the FAQ, you can “change an existing character’s gender, face, skin color, and other cosmetic features determined by his or her race and gender combination. When you perform a Character Re-Customization, you may also change the character’s hair color and hair style (similar to the in-game barbershop) and select a new name, if desired.”

You can’t, however, diddle with race or class. This is strictly for looks. So anyone who is unhappy with the choices made at creation time can correct them.

There is no limit to the number of times you can “re-do” the character, but a 30-day lock is put on after each “renovation”. And if you have multiple characters, they have to be done – and paid for – separately.

No doubt there will be players who decide to go for this. However, since no new content has been added, is it really worthwhile to pay a month’s subscription fee merely to change appearance?

Of course, human nature tends to be vain. And there are always those who have to play with the newest toys. If enough of them play WoW, then Blizzard has just found a way to squeeze even more out of its fan base. I guess 11 million just isn’t enough. Or is Warhammer making some inroads?

Customization FAQ at Blizzard