Ubisoft (not one of the more popular publishers around here), has taken a step that some might call breath-taking. They’ve released the PC retail version of Prince of Persia without copy protection.

Yeah, no DRM on the boxed game, though I understand the downloadable one has some sort of DRM installed. Are we startled? Amazed? Mind-boggled?

Of course, I didn’t quite believe it myself, so followed a link to the Ubi forums to the relevant post. However, I didn’t stop there, but read through the entire thread. Just in case the early news was mistaken.

As it turns out, one person installed the game on a system with no internet connection, and reported the game ran just fine. He forgot to mention, though, whether or not a disk check was made. That seems unlikely, when there is no DRM on PoP.

Naturally, this one is going to be pirated, just like any other game. But it isn’t so much the piracy as the sales that matter. And sales are always an iffy matter. A game with high scores may not sell; witness LittleBigPlanet, which is not doing too well at the moment.

Regardless, it’s almost miraculous that Ubisoft has decided to take the risk of releasing a product without copy protection. For that one reason alone, I hope it does well. And perhaps a little sanity may be restored to an industry obsessed with ever more intrusive DRM that doesn’t work.

PoP DRM thread on Ubisoft forums