Over at gamecareerguide, Jill Duffy runs an advice column for people with questions about getting into the game business. Today, someone wanted to know what games a design student should play.

So Jill rounded up three experts: Lee Winder, David Sushil, and James Portnow. Each made some suggestions, with the final total being 31 games. Lee included Daikatana on his list, as “a terrible game that students and aspiring developers should play to see why things just sometimes don’t work”. Good idea, there.

Not all the games are computer-based. For instance, chess, go and Dungeons & Dragons (paper & pencil) are on the list. So is Magic: The Gathering.

Conspicuously absent are most of the really old games that were the foundations of gaming. For instance, Ultima IV (and for some of you out there, U7) isn’t on the list, nor any of the Might & Magic games. I don’t recognize any of the titles as being adventure games; so no, Infocom isn’t represented, either.

Wizardry, Bard’s Tale, and the gold box products are also overlooked. Then again, perhaps the experts don’t go back that far?

If you were advising a student of game design, what other games would you choose for them to study? What do you think of the list as it stands?

1 Suggested Games at gamecareerguide