Been meaning to mention a couple of things: a poll at RPGwatch and a new game over at GOG.

The poll is for RPG Of The Year, and just to be fair, they have another for MMOG of The Year. What surprised me is that the RPG poll lists 17 titles. 17? When was the last time so many came out in one year? And I only played one of them. Anyway, buzz over there and cast your vote.

On the GOG front, they get odd with Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee, just added to the catalogue. These guys just keep chugging along.

UPDATE: What’s better than cheap? Free! Yup, GOG just announced two free games available on their site: Beneath A Steel Sky and Lure Of The Temptress. More holiday joy for adventure gamers!

RPG poll at RPGwatch

MMOG poll at RPGwatch

Oddworld announcement at GOG