Really strange. Maybe someone out with with XP experience (no, that’s not redundant ;) can provide an explanation. I mean Windows XP, naturally.

In the middle of boot-up this morning, a message popped up that my system had changed substantially since activation.

I stared at that and went, “HUH?”. What is going on here? Nothing has changed. NO hardware has been replaced. NO new hardware has been added. At most, there have been some driver updates, but not anytime recently.

Well, as I was informed (threatened) that the system wouldn’t work if I didn’t reactivate within three days, of course I did it. Went perfectly well, fortunately.

But I am perplexed by the system thinking something had changed. Does anyone have an idea why that happened? Maybe, because I’ve had this computer for some years now, the OS decided it ought to check me out, even with no changes? Windows. Bah, humbug!