Awhile back, in Wii Is Dangerous, I reported that some British doctors are expecting more Wii-related injuries this holiday. However, you don’t need to be careless or over-enthusiastic with a Wii to hurt yourself playing a game.

Over at Destructoid, megaStryke writes about “Games That Destroy Us”. The title may be a little over the top (although appropriate to the site name); no one, so far as we know, has ever been “destroyed” by playing a game. Hurt, that’s another matter.

He looks at three games, one of which is mechanical: the arm-wrestling machine in Japan that broke some arms before it was taken off the market. The other two, though, are video games. One you’ve probably heard of before. You’ll have to follow the link to see what they are.

Of course, you can give yourself some pain just by playing too much. I’ve had times in the past when my right arm started hurting, usually because I was at Diablo 2 a bit too long.

Oddly, I never had that problem in the good old Apple days. For all the hours I spent at the keyboard, there was never any pain in my arm, or hands. Maybe it has something to do with the mouse, and using just two fingers on those buttons.

In any case, check out the article. Did you ever play a computer game that caused you pain, or even a real injury?

Games That Destroy Us on Destructoid