…well, ya know, we’d all love to see the plan. I don’t believe in making resolutions myself. Over at Destructoid, though, Jim Sterling has a (dare I say it?) list of 26 New Year’s resolutions for the game industry.

Sitting at the #1 position (and rightfully so) is: “I will give up saying the word “innovation” and its variants in the new year.” We’re all tired of hearing that for every “big title”. Alas, Jim forgot to put on his list that other “i” word, “immersive”.

In fifth place we have: “I will stop bitching if I get a review score of less than 9.0 or higher.”. We can add to that a resolution for all the fanboys to stop complaining, too.

Coming up on #11, we see: “I will stop making lazy DLC with which to milk customers dry.” Yeah, DLC is such a big thing these days. Maybe not so much for the money as to limit used game sales. But the bucks don’t hurt, either.

At eighteen we have a plea for honesty: “I will be honest and admit that the character A.I. is about as revolutionary and advanced as in every other game — not very much.” How true, and it’s been true for a long time.

And #24 is one we all want: “I pledge to stop relying on patches to complete my rushed videogame.”

Yeah, some good resolutions on that list (outside of no resolution on the matter of nasty DRM; what an oversight!). Will the industry listen? Will we see any improvements this year? Ha. In the words of Aerosmith, “Dream on, Dream on.” At least they’re good dreams.

Game Industry Resolutions on Destructoid