Now that all the sites have posted their best/worst/etc. lists for 2008, they have naturally turned their attention to the current year. Yes, we’re barely into 2009, and already those compilations of “most anticipated games” and “games not to miss” are showing up.

For my part, there isn’t much I’m looking forward to playing. We might see Eschalon: Book II this year. And Geneforge 5 is pretty much a given, as Jeff is taking testers for it now. I’m really curious to see how he winds up the series.

Planewalker, who was developing The Broken Hourglass, hasn’t updated their site now in almost a year. That’s a bad sign. I hope they haven’t gone under; the game was looking interesting, from the little they posted about it.

On the other hand, it seems that Age Of Decadence is still chugging along. Perhaps later this year, it will see the light of day.

And that’s about it. Any “big names” that come out this year, well, I know they won’t run on my system. Not unless I can afford a new one, and that isn’t a rosy prospect at the moment.

So, is there anything you’re looking forward to playing this year? On a PC, that is ;)