Why bother with expensive lessons? You can learn to drive in the comfort of your own home, just by playing video games. After all, a six-year-old managed it.

Of course, the matter is really a serious one. The boy missed his bus last Monday, couldn’t wake up his mother, and so drove off in the family’s Ford Taurus. He didn’t want to “miss breakfast and PE”.

The kid managed to go a little over ten miles before crashing into a utility pole. In one of life’s miracles, neither the boy nor anyone else was hurt.

The article in the Washington Post didn’t say why the mother was unable to wake up. One could speculate, but I won’t. I’ll just mention that the father was under a court order not to leave the boy, and his younger brother (4) alone with mom. Both parents were arrested on charges of felony child endangerment.

Possibly that was a good thing. A mother who shouldn’t be left alone with her kids? A father who ignores a court order? Parents who give a six-year-old Grand Theft Auto? (which one isn’t mentioned)

I don’t know which is more scary: parents who obviously aren’t doing their job; a six-year-old zooming down a highway at 60+ MPH; or a kid who learned how to do that from playing video games. Maybe games are a little too realistic these days?

The interesting thing is that he wasn’t out for a joyride. He wanted to get to school. At that age, I wasn’t too thrilled at having to go to school. Then again, maybe school was better than being at home for him. I wouldn’t be surprised.

The closest thing to amusing about this is that the article gives the full names and ages of the parents, the town they live in, and the school attended by the boy. But, they don’t give the boy’s name, because he’s only six. Ahem.

Boy, 6, Misses Bus, Takes Mom’s Car Instead