Awhile back (like last year), I mentioned in A Couple Of Things that RPGWatch was running it’s “Best RPG Of 2008” poll. I hope you all took time to go over and vote, because it’s too late now. The results have been posted.

No big surprise, Fallout 3 was voted #1 by the community. What did surprise me was seeing Avernum 5 come in at fourth place. And that was a close fourth, too. Not much more than a percentage point between second and fourth.

Also, the editors had their own poll going among themselves. They, too, chose FO3 as the #1. But their second-place game was Avernum 5. Y’know, that’s pretty darn good for an indie game to come in with such scores. Next year – or maybe that should be: much later this year – we’ll see some more indie titles on the list. Good ones, I hope.

Whether you voted or not, take a moment and check out the results. If you did vote, see where your fave came in.

rpgwatch 2008 poll results