You wonder about that title. Ah, we have a treat in store. Over at Man Bytes Blog, this month’s Roundtable is about literature as games. Specifically, what if a piece of literature had been done as a game, rather than as something written? What, indeed? Read on!

Snark Hunt!

Prepare for the most fast-paced, sweaty-palmed, pulse-pounding action you’ve ever experienced! This innovative first-person shooter (or FPS to the cognoscenti) will immerse you in a bizarre and deadly world of doom! (not The Doom, but similar; all FPS games are similar).

Dive into the bloodletting by taking over the S.S. Nameless, and annihiliating its crew! Blast nine – count ’em – nine mini-bosses as you gather up the map pieces that will lead you to the unmentionable Snark:

  • The Bellman, and his Ting-a-ling of Terror!
  • The Boots, with his Bonnet of Bows!
  • The Barrister, and his Obfuscating Objections!
  • The Broker and his Spade Of Savagery!
  • The Billiard-Marker, and his Chalk of Calamity!
  • The Banker, and his Blank Check of Backbiting!
  • The Beaver, and his Lace of Laceration!
  • The Baker, and his Cake of Crumbling!
  • The Butcher, and his Cleaver of Chop-Chop!

Excitement continues as you sail the ship across unknown seas to the Island Of The Snark (for the casual gamer, navigation is automatic once you have the map). Cut a path through sea monsters of immense dimensions, leaving grisly little bits in your wake!

Then battle your way through hordes of creepy creatures in an orgy of unrestrained destruction! Blow them into puddles of molten flesh and sizzling blood with an incredible variety of sophisticated weapons!

Engage in a tense search for the special Snark-trap items: the Thimble, The Fork, the Railway-share, and the Soap, while fighting for your life every step of the way. Hope you can do it with a smile!

Face down and obliterate the two major bosses: the fabulous Jub-Jub Bird and the incredible Frumious Bandersnatch!

Finally, when you reach the lair of the Snark, set your trap with care. And watch out for the bathing machine!

Snark Hunt! comes with these bleeding-edge features:

  • Fully 3D-rendered (and we mean “rendered”) graphics!
  • Beautiful cutscenes for each boss’ death, in excruciating detail!
  • Special effects that will knock your socks off!
  • Over thirty high-tech weapons, including the amazing Sawdust Chaingun (handy for that Jub-Jub Bird!)
  • Four difficulty levels: Novice, Veteran, Masochist, and Boojum (this one will give even the hardest core player fits!)
  • Over thirty hours of glorious, gory, gratutious genocide!

Don’t delay! Visit your nearest retailer and pick up Snark Hunt! now! Experience the FPS the way it’s supposed to be!

ESRB rating: M for Maniacal

(That muffled whirring sound you hear is Mr. Dodson imitating an underground top ;)