Yep, I think it’s the end of the world. For those who remember, Infocom had the best adventure games, and the Zork trilogy was a standout. Now, an Irish company is bringing Zork online, as – I hate to write this – a casual MMO.

Jolt Online Gaming of Dublin, Ireland is the company. The CEO claims to be a “Zork geek”. I have my doubts. The Zorks (and those beyond the first three) weren’t designed for people who wanted a quick “fun break”. They were tough games and you really needed to think to get through them.

But now, we’re going to be presented with a “persistent online adventure”, which will be browser-based. And there’s just nothing like being a traveling salesman and “part-time loot gatherer.” In a world full of “trolls, kobolds and other dangerous creatures.”

Funny the press release doesn’t mention THE dangerous creature. You know, the Grue. And what are kobolds doing in there? Trolls, yeah, there was a troll in the first game. I don’t recall any others.

The website is pretty new, and has no info beyond the press release that I could find. For instance, there’s no mention of when this might be coming along (I’m in no hurry; take all the time you need, like 50 years).

Zork, The Casual MMO. GAAAHHH! I need a drink. Maybe more than one. [sob]

Legends Of Zork PR release