Well, I spoke a little too soon about ZTK not crashing. After awhile, it seemed no matter what character I was running, the game would crap out. And that was really annoying, especially as it could happen at any time.

Finally went over to the ZTK board, and found one other person who had had the same problem. Someone suggested it might be related to sound. So, I turned off the sound effects and music. Then I played around with a few characters that had crashed earlier.

So far, so good. They’ve all been in and out of the dungeon, finding stuff and killing critters, without problems. With any luck, this will keep up and the game will remain stable.

Earlier today, I tried out a vampire warrior/mage. This is a tricky one, because we all know about vampires and sunlight. You can’t bounce out of the dungeon at any old time, not until you have a item of light resistance (which is probably who knows how far along the line).

He was doing all right, for awhile. Then he was in danger of being clawed to death…by a housecat. A housecat? Yeah, one of those furry little critters we think of as pets. Seemed a little over the top to me. Fortunately, the game kept crashing during the fight. Now that the CTD problem may be fixed, I’ll have to go back and see if I can keep away from that fabulous feline.

That may be difficult, though. It’s only early morning in that game, so I can’t just run out. Although I may be able to do a quick out the door and back in again, without taking too much damage. That will reset the dungeon, and I might have better luck this time around.

So far, despite the problems, no one has died since the early hobbit thieves, and I ran one a little while ago who just made it to level 2. She’s doing well (at the moment), and I think I’ll keep on with her for now.

No one, of course, has ventured beyond level 1. The way things are going, it could be some time before I’m ready for that.