It seems that sound was indeed the crash culprit. ZTK has been running fine since I turned off sound and music. But I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be playing the game.

Trying out new character combos is fun, but I don’t have much sense of progress. Everyone has stayed on dungeon level 1, except for one poor soul who fell down a trap to level 2. Fortunately, I managed to get him back upstairs after a few hairy moments.

Cash has been hard to come by, so upgrading equipment isn’t easy. Also, store inventory is random, so a place may not have what you’re looking for when you can afford to purchase. Add in the many unidentified scrolls and potions that turn up, and frustration starts to set in.

Of course, this isn’t new. RPGs traditionally start you off with very little. The main problem here is that death is easy, and comes with no reload. No one has died (yet) since those unlucky hobbits. But it puts a crimp on going down just to level 2. The longer a character lasts, the less you want to risk it.

On the other hand, there is that feeling of satisfaction as your character goes up in level, even if the gains aren’t exactly generous. But is it compensation enough for what is becoming a little monotonous by now?

I don’t know. Possibly I’ll keep with it until a decently-improved character bites the dust, and then give up. Or maybe I’ll start copying out save files, just to give them an edge. Anyway, back to the dungeon. Wish me luck. Good luck ;)