Ah yes, NPD is at it again. Just when you thought we were safe from “lists of last year’s games”, they release the “Top 20 PC Games For 2008”.

Of course, we all know the list is a bit suspect, as NPD tracks retail sales only, and only in the U.S. Anything online, including digital download purchases, aren’t in the mix.

They also report that PC in-the-box sales totaled a paltry $701 million last year. And going by the list, Blizzard was probably responsible for half that figure at least. They have seven titles in the top 20. Yeah, even the Diablo Battle Chest is there, sitting at #19.

I have to say, it’s a bit discouraging that the retail sales are at such a low figure. Not to mention, one company has such a big chunk of it. So I’m wondering what this indicates.

Are gamers waiting for a port from PC to their favorite console? Or are hardcore gamers turning away from products because they’re fed up with poor content, premature releases, and endless patches? What do you think?

NPD Top 20 PC Games at bigdownload