Darindel has reached level 13, although he’s still poking around on level 4 of the dungeon. He’s also had a couple of nasty close calls, thanks to missing traps. You’d think that “very good” perception and searching would work better than this.

Both times it happened on level 4, and both called in monsters. The first one dragged in Robin Hood, a unique usually found on level 8. With him came a dark elf and a zombie kobold. I didn’t have much hope of taking out all three of them.

The second trap (in a later session) conjured up ten or eleven hill orcs, and a zombie kobold. I tried fighting for awhile, but with four critters around me, that was another hopeless situation.

What got me out of both predicaments was Phase Door. I had several scrolls of that spell, fortunately. In each case, I was teleported a short distance off, happily near a stairway. I wasted no time at all using those stairs!

You can bet I’m keeping several of those Phase Doors with me, along with Word Of Recall. I highly recommend having a couple of Phase Door scrolls once you start going below the first couple of levels.

One thing I’m irked about is that Darry’s fighting skill is still sitting at “fair”. By now, I was expecting it to have edged up into “good”. So much for the melee bonus Rangers get at the start.

On the other hand, I did find another artifact, the dagger Dethanc. This adds in electrical damage on a hit, and every little while I can activate it to shoot off a lightning bolt. Also gives electrical resistance and immunity to blindness. Nice little item.

I haven’t taken on any quests yet. Did I mention that there were jobs you can pick up? No? Well, there are ;). I know the mayor has one, but that is for level 6. So I’m waiting on that until I know I can handle level 5.

I’m beginning to accumulate gold, as there isn’t so much to buy now. All my equipment is magical. Usually, I pick up a couple WOR scrolls, and maybe a few id scrolls. Once in awhile, I may need to purchase some food. That’s about it.

So Darry continues on. I just worry a little, though. After all, he’s more than a quarter of the way to level 50, and only on level 4 of a dungeon that goes down to at least 100. It’s going to be tough to gain experience levels soon. Or perhaps it’s expected that most of the time should be spent on the upper levels, and you’re suppose to nip quickly through the lower ones? Hmmmm.