Yeah, nasty things are starting to turn up now, and I still haven’t gone down too far in the dungeon. Level 6 is lowest right now.

I’ve also learned that “something special” doesn’t always mean an artifact. Oh no. One time on 5 I got the message, but there seemed to be a lot of monsters around, more than usual. I suspect this may have been something called the “monster pit”. Darry didn’t linger on that level.

Another time, a special showed up, namely Wormtongue. He was several levels up past his usual depth, and I didn’t feel like taking him on. And then there were the orcs.

Orcs that usually hung out on levels 7-9, and one that had trudged up from level 13. I was beginning to wonder if the game had it in for me. Then there was the moment I bopped up to 4, and found Murhash the Kobold Lord, normally on 7.

He appears with an escort. Including Murhash, I counted 79 kobolds. That’s not an escort. That’s what I call a small army. And while there were no spellcasters in the bunch, the thought of taking on that many enemies just wasn’t appealing. Darry turned around and went back downstairs.

I finally edged Daridel up to level 15, and decided to visit level 6. And was stuck with a random quest. These are all of the same kind: kill so many monsters of the same type. Until they’re all gone, no stairs down are generated.

That meant a nerve-racking time around the level, looking for giant ticks. Naturally, there were other enemies present, too. The first few ticks were easy enough to find, but the last two or three were a hassle.

Still, the last tick dropped a nifty cloak, with +15 AC, a bonus to stealth, and the ability to teleport around every so often. I probably won’t be using that feature too often; you never know where you might end up.

Speaking of quests, I took one from the mayor to clean out a nest of thieves. “Outside the city walls in a burrow”, he says. Thanks so much; how about a direction? No, I had to spend a lot of time plodding around until I found the lair. Got a magic sword for a reward. Sold it, as I had a better weapon already.

So then I tried the inn, and they want me to wipe out a bunch of critters corrupted by Old Man Willow (where’s Tom Bombadil when you need him?). I’m in no rush to do that one. The danger level for the thieves was 5. The danger level for this job is 24. Big leap there, huh? They just couldn’t give me something a litte less deadly, could they?

I’m also a bit peeved that none of Darry’s skills have increased the last couple of level gains. Seeing as how he’s level 15, you’d think that at least his fighting skill would have improved now to “good”. But no, it’s still sitting at “fair”. Hmmmf.

Anyway, I’m in no rush to go deeper at the moment, so I’ll be spending time buzzing between five and six. Given what’s been showing up lately, that will give me enough to work on….or run from, as the case may be ;)