Every year, when the sales figures come out, there’s been a decline in PC retail purchases. Of course, we know digital distribution isn’t being measured. But I’m wondering if another factor is involved.

The factor of games ported from PC to consoles. How many gamers are skipping the PC version as DRM becomes ever more heavy-handed and ridiculous? Many players have at least one console by now. Even if the port isn’t as good as the original, would bypassing DRM make up for it?

As an example, Fallout 3 sold more on consoles than it did on the PC. And this was a very heavily-anticipated game. Yet the hardcore, who are typically PC players, weren’t buying for that platform.

I know some here have mentioned skipping the PC version of a game and buying it for a console instead, just to avoid DRM hassles. So it seems to me that DRM is not only useless, it is driving people away from PC games altogether.

Why put up with onerous copy protection measures when you can play the same game without such bother? No worries about downloading from the torrents. No worries about who-knows-what crap being placed secretly on your drive – and not removed during uninstallation.

Yeah, I think there’s another reason why PC sales are declining. But you won’t get the corps to consider it. They’d rather look for even more ways to hamstring your playing enjoyment. DRM – Deadly Rigid Mentality. Let’s hope it won’t be the death of PC gaming.