The gloom over the game industry is deepening. THQ is cutting 600. EA is closing 11 studios in the wake of their big loss. Rumors are flying around the ‘net that Mythic is dropping, or already has dropped, the axe on a number of employees. And then there’s Stardock.

You know, the folks behind the amazing success of Sins Of A Solar Empire. While the “big boys” are cutting back and cringing at their bottom lines, Stardock is expanding.

Yep, according to today’s press release, Stardock will be opening a second game studio in Michigan, which will bring in up to 50 jobs. Also, the release mentions they will be working on a RPG. That’s all at the moment; no other details were mentioned.

Which just goes to show: when you know what you’re doing, running your business the right way, and not hurling gobs of cash for “cutting edge” games, bad times can be good times. Perhaps there’s a lesson here for those “A” companies.

In the meantime, it’s pleasant to share a success story for a change. I imagine Stardock will be inundated with resumes soon, if they aren’t already. And I’m interested in seeing what they come up with in the RPG line. Have to keep an eye on that one.

Stardock Expands to Second Studio press release