So Darindel is making some progress, although he hasn’t been lower than 7. Yes, lucky seven. Kinda. But first…

You may recall that the last time Wormtongue showed up, I skipped him. No surprise, I ran across him again, on level 6. The only other thing in the room was a green naga, which slept blissfully unaware during the fight.

I took Wormy out, and he dropped a special item. A morningstar. A very, very nice morningstar. It gives +3 each to strength, dex, and con. It provides +18 on fighting skill and +8 to deadliness. It does extra damage from acid, electricity, and poison. And the best thing of all….

It’s vampiric.

Yeah, there’s nothing like grabbing a lifeleech weapon to brighten one’s day. This really brightened up mine. I guess it was a good thing I waited to kill Wormtongue; who knows if he’d have dropped this honey earlier?

Of course, that doesn’t mean I started parading boldly through the dungeon. No, prudence uber alles. Overconfidence can kill you faster than anything else. And just as well I remained cautious, because my next visit to level 7 was a little surprise.

The “something special” message popped up. Only it didn’t mean an artifact. I came down on the easternmost side, and explored it carefully, finding nothing of interest. Then I started west. Good thing that helm is telepathic. Some quite nasty monsters were waiting.

Two uniques, Lagduf and Golfimbul the Hill Orc Chief. A couple of Knight Archers, several spellcasting orc types, two Moonbeasts (mean), a baby black dragon, a kamikaze yeek, and assorted other unfriendlies. All pretty much in the same area.

That was a lot to take on, even with that nifty morningstar. Not my idea of special, either. I hesitated a long time, but finally decided to find out what was going on with this crowd, especially two uniques at once.

Well, it needed a lot of patience and dancing around, and several nervous minutes, before I had cleared out enough monsters (including the two uniques) and discovered the reason.

The game had generated a vault level. There was a large room with many smaller ones inside. Most of those rooms (safe deposit boxes, perhaps?) had something in them. Not always good; a few items were average, and one was even cursed. And none, alas, were really special.

I sold most of what was in there, but kept two items for myself: a wand of fireballs and a rod of lightning balls. Ball spells are an area effect, so that one will complement my lighting bolt spell, which is straight line.

So now it’s time to head lower down. Next level is eight, and I’m a little worried about it, because it’s on the even levels you get those “random quests”. But I think Darry may be up to the challenge, if it comes.