So Darindel has reached the exalted heights of level 20, and is now poking around on level 9 of the dungeon. However, nothing very exciting has happened since the last post, so now is a good time to look at an annoying feature.

The magic system in ZTK is cumbersome. There are seven “realms”, and each has four spellbooks. Depending on class, the character can know none, one, or two of those realms.

Darindel, being a Ranger, has two realms. The first is Nature, which is required. He had free choice of the others, and took Chaos. So he started with one book for each realm. Later, he bought the second book of Nature magic. At the moment, therefore, he has three books.

As he goes up in level, new spells in the books become available for “studying”. A studied spell is one he knows, and can cast any time if he has enough mana. So far, so good.

The problem is, he has to keep lugging those books around with him. Even if he knew every spell in a book, he’d have to have it with him. If he ever gets high enough in level – and is lucky enough to find the two high-level books for each realm – that means he’d be hauling eight spell books all the time.

And inventory space is far from infinite. Right now, he has only four slots open for picking up new items. The rest are filled with the three spellbooks, ammunition, potions, scrolls, wands, rods and a staff. Food he doesn’t need anymore, as he has a spell now that can fill him up when he gets hungry.

I think it would make more sense to learn the spells and leave the books at home, consulting them only when you wanted to pick up some new magic. It would free up more inventory space, for one thing. Hey, if you know the spell, why would you need the book?

Of course, that isn’t going to change, as ZTK is an old game and no longer supported with updates. Too bad about that. So Darry will just have to carry those tomes with him. Yeah, it’s annoying.