The inventory problem finally got to me. Having just three slots for picking up new stuff was simply too little (and I may have something to say on inventory generally in the near future). So I decided to get down and dirty and really cheat.

I looked up the debug commands. One of them completely identifies any item. Up to now, I’d been hauling around two sets of id scrolls. One was a low-level id that gave basic info on an object. The *identify* spell provided complete details. This one was reserved for artifacts and similar items; the low-power one was useful for ordinary magic stuff.

So I could dump both types and free up a couple of slots. And since scrolls have weight, that took off some of the load, as well. Not that Darry was exactly staggering around – he can carry quite a bit – but a lot of stuff I find tends to be heavy weaponry.

Another command cures everything ailing your character. This one I haven’t needed as yet. I was lugging a couple potions around, “just in case”. Darry has healing abilities, but only 29 mana. He could easily get into a situation where he was out of mana (or too low) and required healing. So I could get rid of those potions, freeing up two more slots.

So that expanded the measly three into seven openings. However, I found the third Nature spellbook, which took up one of those slots, leaving me with six. But that’s still better than three.

My favorite command, though, is the one that uncovers the whole map, including locations of items, stairs, and most important, monsters. I can scroll around and decide if the level looks too tough, or too empty (I’ve had some of those) to bother about.

The sad part is, so far I’ve been selling almost everything I find. And there hasn’t been much in any of the stores to buy, except Word Of Recall scrolls. Even the black market hasn’t had anything enticing.

So now Darry is in that classic situation: all that gold, and nothing worth purchasing. Ah yes, we’ve been here many times before. Ah well, I can but hope to find some better stuff down below.